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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Controversial Kenyan blogger blames unresolved daddy issue for Pastor Madubuko's wife's decision "to fly all the way to Nigeria in search of a man"

Months after he came under fire for a
distasteful Facebook post on a radio
presenter (read here ), controversial Kenyan
blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is back again.
This time the reason for his anger is gospel
singer, Emmy Kosgei, wife of Senior Pastor of
the Revival Assembly Church Lagos, Anselm
He also bashed Nigeria, describing it as a
'ducked up country' plagued by perennial
power and fuel shortages, full of con men.
Read his post:
Daddy Issues: Emmy Kosgei And Her
Guka Hubby
In a world full of eligible men, it is
baffling to see one of the country's
"top" Gospel artists fly all the way to
fuckin Nigeria in search of a man.
Despite all the glitz and glamour in
their entertainment scene, Nigeria is
a fucked-up country.
Nigeria has perennial power and fuel
shortages, despite being an oil-
producer. Because they're unable to
to pursue for accountability from
their politicians, their country looks
like one big dumpsite.
Nigerians are also conmen. Any
Nigerian you meet will most likely lie
to you. It's wired in their genes.
They're liars and conmen. So it's
quite baffling to see that our best, is
dumb enough to fall for cheap
AfroSinema theatrics.
Daddy Issues are unresolved
complexes which women have from a
childhood of inadequate relationships
with their fathers. Either the fathers
were absent, or if they were present,
they were too busy for them.
The women who had insufficient
male presence during their
upbringing, tends to go and look for
it in her older age. Which is why they
find themselves getting attracted to
older (most times married) men.
They're normally looking for their
fathers in those illicit relationships.
Many were molested or taken
advantage of in their later teen years
by the men close to them. Could be
an uncle, or relative.
All these chics you see pretending to
be fashion bloggers, socialites,
Gospel musicians and the likes, the
ones who market their wares on
Instagram in search of older married
men, are suffering from an advanced
strain of Daddy-issues. Because
they're still in denial.
As a Boy-Child trying to survive in
this conceited world, you're advise to
avoid women with Daddy-issues.
They will constantly compare you to
their former experiences with married
Sponyo's. They're never content.


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