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Friday, 3 November 2017

Checking each other’s phone is a line my wife and I don’t cross says comedian Gordons

The comedian in an interview with The Sun disclosed that he and his wife do not check each others mobile phone.

Gordons said that he has trained his wife to understand the line of work he is in and it demands that she trusts him completely as the nature of his job makes female fans approach him and other entertainers. He advised men to educate their wives.

In his words;

"As an entertainer, you should educate your wife, I told my wife 'don't ever go to my phone because you would see what will break your heart. Just trust me because I do a job that is slippery, if I am not looking for them, they are looking for me. It is the nature of the job.

''Number two, 'if my phone rings, give it to me, let me answer it.

''We don't go through each other's phones. It is a line that we don't cross. I also educated my wife that 'whenever you see my pictures on instagram, it is nothing; this is all to make sure that there is food on the table. The only time when you will get alarmed is if you hear I am getting married to someone else.

''When you see women hanging around you, it is a sign that you are doing well; women don't hang around failure. Some of these women come to you because you are a star. But I don't want anybody dampening my star, so I deal with them intelligently because they are fans. As an entertainer, we need fans''. He said


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