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Saturday, 14 October 2017


This press statement is issued on behalf of APC Committee of Like Mind Leaders, Delta State.
Recall that on the 4th October 2017 I issued a press statement in Abuja titled ''Open  letter to Mr. President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhamadu Buhari (GCFR) on the issue of a blank Budget by the Governor of Delta State to the Delta State House of Assembly .''
           We want to start this press conference by congratulating President Muhamadu Buhari (GCFR) for the exemplary way he has been handling the country, most especially his fight against corruption and in the handling of the security challenges in the North-East. We also congratulate leaders of the South-East for their visit and support for President Muhamadu Buhari. The President's anti-corruption war has yielded fruit and the fruit will now manifest as positive changes in the economic and infrastructural development of the Country. 
 Kindly permit me to use this opportunity to speak on myself before I go into the remain subjects of today. I have been seriously maligned and abused by political opponents to the extent that most Deltans would rather not associate with me. For over ten years now journalists and individuals who know the truth have consistently  urged me to employ the services of professionals to launder my image and I have refused to engage any person because I know that  I am clean  and as the days unfold the truth will be revealed.
It all started in 2001 during the congresses of the now diseased PDP when the present Governor tried to impose a strange LGA executive in Ika South and I refused. My Leadership of the LGA meant that Hon. Nduka Irabor will not return to the House of Representatives and so it was. As at that time till now, Hon. Nduka Irabor held sway at the Guardian and ThisDay Newspapers and he controlled the medium. He went to the market square of local and international media to announce that I climbed his roof to shoot into his bed room. Suffice it to say that I have never been to Honorable Irabor's house and till today it beats my imagination how one can be assassinated from atop the roof of a house. Yet the press believed. I have been painted black unjustly.
Ladies and Gentlemen, for over 20 years in my sojourn in Politics, I have never had disagreements with any person or group in Delta State or Nigeria as a whole. I have never been awarded any contract in Delta State and I have never stolen or received bribe or compromised my position. I have never held any position both at State or Federal level where I controlled an authority to incure expenditure (AIE).
  The campaign of calumny was so intense that I was excluded completely from the Government of both Ibori and Uduaghan. I am a soldier of truth and on the truth I stand and shall die. I aver that God made Okowa a Governor in order to expose him.

 The issues at stake today;
On the 4th of October, I wrote an open letter to Mr. President and I gave the DTHA 48 hours to produce a signed copy of the 2017 budget. Ten days after, the DTHA has not been able to produce a copy of a budget that was passed on Wednesday 1st February, 2017. I hereby present to you the order paper, votes and proceedings and the report of the Finance and Appropriation Committee of the said budget. The verbatim report and the video clip of the   proceeding will prove that there was not body to the budget. OKOWA DIPS HIS UGLY, STICKY AND WICKED FINGERS INTO THE STATE TREASURY WHICH IS NOW IN HIS POCKET TO RUN DELTA STATE AS OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES.
DESOPADEC. The 2017 DESOPADEC budget is nonexistent and we hereby call on the members from the Oil producing areas to produce the budget for their constituents to peruse.
LAME DUCT STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AND SLEEPING STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: The governor of Delta State awarded to himself an approval limit of N250,000,000. He then uses four (4) memos to corner One Billion Naira for his personal use. The State Executive Council approved th


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