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Friday, 13 October 2017

I Spent Two Hours,10 Minutes Talking To Nnamdi Kanu At Kuje Prison – Kalu

Let me correct you I said there is no need for it now. Because dividing the country would be a mistake. What matters is for people to live under the rule of law, social justice, and under true federalism.

I don't think the clamour to separate the country is anything that would help anybody. What majority of Nigerians not only the Igbo people need is to obey the law. If a court in Abia gives an order that order must be obeyed if another court in Benin gives an order that order must be obeyed.

If I Orji Kalu drives against traffic light and I am caught I should be punished. What the country is looking for is one rule for everybody.

There is this Federal Government and IPOB face off, you are a member of the ruling party and you are an Igbo leader, do you see yourself brokering truce between them?

To correct you I am an Igbo man from Igbo land not an Igbo leader.

(Cuts in ) Really ?

Yes . We have been doing a lot to broker truce between them , we have done a lot underground , we have been talking to both parties that is why you can see some level of peace now in Abia and Onitsha axis where the IPOB have a stronghold .I believe all parties are interested in finding a common ground . The people that said that they want to separate are not very strong they are very weak.

My only concern is that they are endangering the lives of a lot of Igbo because when they go to confront the military or when they are confronted by the military the goods been damaged are owned by Igbo and the people being killed are Igbo. I am a trader and I trade on cash crops and all the rest, so I know what I have suffered in the last nine months or there about due to this issue .

You were the first Igbo leader or Igbo man as you like to put it, if you get where I am going, to visit Nnamdi Kanu in prison?

(Cuts in ) Yes I was the first Nigerian man to visit him because it was the right thing to do. Because nobody wanted to see him, everybody was afraid to see him. They were scared to identify with him. As for me I am not afraid of death I am not afraid of anybody. He was remanded in prison by court of competent jurisdiction and a court of record. Even the UN charter recognises that anyone remanded in prison by an official court can be visited by anybody so I applied that wisdom to myself.

I want to guess that part of the things you would have told Kanu while in prison was to drop the idea of IPOB. Maybe you did not sound convincing enough.

No! I spent two hours 10 minutes with Nnamdi Kanu and I sounded very convincing, at some point he was here and there and then later on he said 'we can't drop this fight we have gone very far,' and I reminded him that a good general is a general that fights and goes back to fight another day, while a worse one is the one that dies in the battle .

I not only visited him I went out of my way and to go as far as visiting his both parents. I talked to them I gave them reasons why they should not encourage him to continue in this manner but he (Kanu) refused.

When he came out of prison he didn't make any attempt to visit those who wished him well he went for those who wanted to play politics with him and that is where we are. They have been shouting Biafra nobody touched them, but because the issue went beyond where it was supposed to be, government had to respond.

People who wanted to use them to play politics were telling them that everything is possible and they got him into trouble. I have nothing against those clamouring that they want Biafra; in fact it is their constitutional right. I can never tell anybody not to agitate.

But the question is; is it possible? Is it within the norms of our constitution? The constitution is very clear, there is nowhere in the constitution where we have provisions on how to divide the country. The constitution has chapters on how to unite the country, but nowhere can you find referendum or restructuring.

To me all these calls and the people making the calls could go back to the 2


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