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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Soldiers Block Nnamdi Kanu’s Convoy In Ebonyi, Kanu Comes Down & This Happens

The IPOB Leader came down from his Vehicle and then this happens.

See more photos below:-

Watch the Video:-

Here is what some said, Read below:-

You don't trust a man who left his comfortable abode in London to come and stay in a smelling Nigerian prison for 2 years. Came down from his car and walked like a boss past Army troops that blocked the road? He didn't sit in the back of his "JEEP" like 99% of Nigerian politicians would do and ask his bodyguards to speak with the officers, instead he put his life and comfort at risk for the greatness of his people.

Who will you trust? Abacha, OBJ or your Senator that sent his kids, parents and grandparents to safety in a developed country while you languish in poverty? Tell me who you trust? Tinubu who has sold more than half of Lagos properties to himself as a state governor? Buhari who said there will be no foreign healthcare for elected office holders yet has spent close to 3 months in London with his +80 people entourage balling on Niger Delta oil money?

Continue. I'm sure it's people like you that told Herod to crucify Christ and free Barnabas the notorious rapist.


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